Early Adolescent Development is critical in the life of children.  We will intentionally kick off 2016 with a new Believer’s Worship Encounter specifically for our Middle School Youth in 6th – 8th Grades.  This high energy and interactive worship encounter will feature small groups.  And, this worship encounter will be held each 2ND Sunday in the Amphitheater.  Wow … here is another opportunity to watch your child transition in the midst of various changes and experience dynamic worship!

     I can’t stop smiling for what is already taking place each Wednesday and Sunday during the Discipleship Explosion Bible Studies for our Youth.  The Middle School and High School Youth are learning God’s Word and leaving with the ability to Practice and Apply the Word to their lives.  Our youth are struggling and grappling with so many real issues today. So, if your child is not in attendance – make it a priority each Wednesday @ 7PM and Sunday @ 9:45AM. Laying the foundation is key!

     Every 1st & 3rd Saturday during A.L.I.V.E. we’re experiencing great sessions to prepare our children and youth for the real world.  The focus during these sessions vary with topics such as Leadership, Career Exploration, Character Building, Life Skills, Networking, Rapport Building & Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Choices, Exposure Opportunities, Educational Field-Trips, etc… And, we boast of our P.E.C. (Parent Empowerment Component) that offers empowerment for parents and families.  This component offers these: ACT/SAT Mock Testing, Financial Readiness for College, College Fairs, Parent Conferences, etc… And, let me encourage all parents to sign-up for an upcoming Discipleship Explosion Elective Class entitled: Raising Kingdom Kids. 


·      A.L.IV.E. Sessions every 1st & 3rd Saturday

·      Age Appropriate Bible Study for Children and Youth every Wednesday and Sunday

·      Children’s Zone open for Infants – 5th Grade….featuring our Barak Worship Encounter for 4th & 5th Grade Children

·      Annual College Tours

·      Annual Children & Youth Conference

·      Discipleship & Evangelistic Retreats

·      Special Events for Children & Youth

·      Mission Trips

·      Community Service Projects

·      Angelic Choir for Children

·      Judah Choir for Youth

·      Ushering Opportunities for Youth

·      Liturgical Dance Ministry

·      Children & Youth Fellowship Events

·      Scholarships

·      Exposure Opportunities and Major Field Trip