At Canaan, we welcome all of our Middle and High School students; along with their families. We are serious about ensuring that each of you become actively involved in the array of ministry opportunities designed for your spiritual growth.

Canaan’s MS & HS Ministry seeks to partner with families in helping students to develop and grow in their personal relationship with Christ. We intentionally aim to connect students with Christ, build authentic relationships, and generate a great deal of fun as students discover to own and practice their faith.

We exist to empower and encourage MS & HS students during the often pivotal transitional stages of their lives.  We are committed to offering relevant, engaging, challenging and life changing opportunities for development and growth. Our priority is discipleship and teaching our students to reach others for Christ and to become agents of change.


Affirming Leadership, Integrity, Virtue, and Excellence

 Every 3rd Saturday is our practical component of the ministry where we focus on Leadership Development, Career Exploration, Service Learning, Health and Wellness, Networking and Exposure, Life Skills, Self Esteem and more.  We likewise seek to engage parents and families through our P.A.C. (Parent Advisory Council). Regular sessions for A.L.I.V.E. are held in Canaan’s Family Life Center/ Amphitheater from 9:30AM-Noon.



Each second Sunday of the month, we offer a Middle School worship encounter known as “BELIEVERS.” Secondly, we offer the High School worship encounter known as “IMPACT.” Both of these worship services are held simultaneously… yet separately. These worship encounters are pre-planned, engaging and life altering as students learn to appreciate worship on the MS and HS level. Meet us in the Amphitheater for IMPACT or in the Fellowship Hall for BELIEVERS at 10AM

Discipleship & Ministry Opportunities

Wednesday Discipleship Explosion Bible Studies:

Offered each Wednesday at 7PM in grade appropriate Small Group sessions for Middle & High School students

Ministry Opportunities:

 MS and HS youth can get involved in some of these ministry areas: Ushering, Judah Choir, Greeters Ministry, Liturgical Dance, Drama, Media, Special Ministries, Culinary/Food ministry and other areas.

Fellowship Outings

and Special Events

Throughout the year, both MSM and HSM will offer fellowship outings. These opportunities will be offered to stimulate closer bonds as youth build authentic relationships.


Beyond those fellowships we offer or attend retreats, conferences, college tours, college readiness workshops, financial literacy, ACT/SAT preparation and testing, and exposure opportunities for spiritual, recreation and educational empowerment.