A Word For The Week

Psalms 25:8


Have you ever really taken the time to sit and ponder on the grace, mercy and goodness of God?  Well, I have.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking about many situations when something terrible should’ve and could’ve happened but, it didn’t.  I find myself coming to the realization that I take for granted how good and merciful God truly is.  The arrogance of humans causes us to think that God owes us something and that He is supposed to be good and merciful to us.  But is that true?  God’s goodness towards us is His decision and that’s what’s great!  In spite of our mess and failures, God still sees us as worthy to receive His goodness and blessings. 


Man vs God

There are times when we have all been guilty of worrying about if we have made the "right" people happy or satisfied.  Who are the right people?  Is it our boss, mother, father, best friend, etc?  The fact is, none of those are correct.  Man will often be quick to write you off the minute you make a mistake or do something that is not acceptable to them.  Man will treat you as if you are their sidewalk and attempt to walk all over you.  Man also will criticize and demean you because of your mistakes or failures.  What about God though?  That’s where His goodness comes in.  Traveling through life, we come across many stumbling blocks and we even fall or fail in certain areas.  Unlike man, God doesn’t toss us to the side like a used rag nor does He discourage us.  God picks us up.  Not only does He pick us up, He teaches us, helps us to learn from our mistakes, encourage us and puts us back on the right path in our personal relationship with Him.


Psalms 25:8 makes this clear! The key words for me in this scripture are GOOD and RIGHT.  We are immediately reminded that the Lord is indeed GOOD at the top of this verse!  See, while man has the habit of being fickle and fake, God remains faithful and true to His word! 

I encourage you to not get tired in this race and never give up, because we serve such a loving God that I believe, He truly will be there and never leave us!  We have a good, good Father.  Put your hope, trust and faith in Him.  Be blessed!


-Tyler Cuby