Pre-Marriage Counseling is a service provided through the Counseling Ministry. Our goal is to help equip couples

in making a life-time commitment to their marriage.  

The foundation of each session is Biblically based. Within sessions, couples can anticipate real life examples

and opportunities to make practical application of what is being taught.

Pre-Marriage Counseling is offered bi-annually, starting in January, and the second time in July, on the 1st Sunday

of these two months.  

Both times, sessions are offered for nine consecutive weeks, two hours weekly, 8:00a.m. - 9:50a.m.

Pre-Marriage Counseling is a prerequisite for couples who wish to get married at Canaan Christian Church.

And, at least one person must be a disciple of this fellowship!

Registration opens six weeks before the start dates in January, and July. You may register online below,

or by calling: (502)459-5578, ext. 109.

We look forward to assisting you in making your life-time commitment!


Pre-Marriage Counseling registration opens six weeks before the start dates in January, and July. Register now below.



Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We believe that marriage is God’s creation and that He created marriage to be a covenant relationship between one man and one woman. We hope that your wedding day is very special, and we want to help you make your marriage a wonderful, lifelong commitment. God intended marriage to be a relationship of oneness, intimacy and profound connectedness.

Please review our Canaan Wedding Guidelines, which explains how weddings at Canaan Christian Church work. We believe that marriage is a holy and sacred institution created by God. As a church, we believe that it is a responsibility that God has entrusted to our care. The Canaan wedding guidelines and standards reflect the level of importance of this special relationship.


The wedding request form should be completed after enrolling in Canaan's Pre-Marriage Counseling program, and completing the first session. 

CLICK HERE to submit a Wedding Request!