On March 16, 1983 in the basement of Little Flock Baptist Church on Hancock Street, God brought together the dynamic leadership of a young pastor and the determination of ninety-seven members to form Canaan Missionary Baptist Church. A magnificent moment transpired in the lives of these faithful followers, through the guidance of God and the leadership of His shepherd, the Reverend Walter Malone, Jr.

 “Dare To Dream” became the recurring theme for these people of daring faith and Christian character. The initial ninety-seven, who came from all walks of life, were pushed by faith and pulled by the destiny to experience this exciting vision that God had given Pastor Malone. From worshipping in the Magazine Street Seventh Day Adventist Church, their commitment to God led them to raise $100,000 in less than a year that would lead to the purchase of a one million dollar facility including a parsonage and gymnasium at 2203 Dixie Highway . On February 26, 1984 the Church Family motorcade from Magazine Street Seventh Day Adventist into the facilities on Dixie Highway. Pastor and Sis. Sandra Malone became the proud parents to their son, Walter Malone, III on that same morning. Within the same year Canaan acquired two houses adjacent to the church facility. Seven years later, in December 1990, the church would celebrate the burning of a 15-year mortgage to that facility and began preparation to pursue a two-phase building project on the existing Dixie Highway property. All this has been done through the committed christian stewardship of giving in tithes, offerings and sacrificial gifts.

In March of 1992 the Canaan Church broke ground for a 1.2 million dollar expansion of our church facilities. The expansion includes a new sanctuary, church library, music room, restroom facilities and office suite. The old sanctuary and church facility will be turned into a total christian education and multi-purpose facility. The Canaan Church family marched into the new facilities on March 21, 1993.

The members at Canaan know how to demonstrate an operative faith and are not suffering from an oppressed mind because our pastor encourages us to acknowledge that we are “builders and not beggars.” As a result of our “building” mentality and continued growth, in April of 1996 the Canaan Church acquired a new church facility valued at $11 million dollars. This beautiful facility is comprised of 150,000 square feet, and sits on 22 acres of land. Built with a twenty-first century vision in mind, this facility provides us the adequate space and resources to minister to people in a holistic manner. Because of this holistic mentality, Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, now Canaan Christian Church has grown from ninety-seven people to over 4,000 disciples who worship God by witnessing to the lost and ministering to the needs of people.

We are excited about the development of Canaan ’s Community Development Corporation (CCDC). This is a non-profit corporation that has been developed exclusively for the purpose of bringing economic empowerment into the community through education, housing and business initiatives. There has also been the development of the Son’s of Issachar (Canaan ’s After-School Enrichment Program). Through this program, we offer constructive recreation, tutoring, and special activities for the physical, mental and emotional development of children in our community.

As the Canaan Christian Church continuously moves forward, we are ever mindful that our purpose is to advance the cause of Christ through loving and caring for people. We are committed to developing our disciples and enhancing the lives of people in our community.


The vision of the Canaan Christian Church has always been focused on making disciples for Jesus Christ. "It's about bringing people to Christ, and helping them to grow up in Christ." We take serious the charge the Lord has given to us; "Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all nations. Baptizing them in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you. And lo I'll be with you always, even until the end of the age." At Canaan we are committed to transforming lives. We want to see men and women walking with God in integrity. We want to see children growing up in Christ. We want to see families complete in Christ. We are Canaan. A simple church with a Kingdom focus.