Purpose: To teach Young Adults to take the Word of God and make it applicable to every aspect of our lives.

Connection Group Bible Study

Sunday Mornings 8:45am (Acts room 252)

  • Service 

    Many times, in His ministry, Jesus filled a physical need

    as a way to open the door to fill the spiritual need.  

    Our purpose is to Do it like Jesus!

    Intentional Connections

    To express love for one another.  Build relationships.  

    Help young adults feel connected.  Foster a familial atmosphere.


    Teach young adults practical ways to turn everyday conversations into gospel conversations

    AMP’d (Always Making Progress content) 

    Develop relevant content to meet young adults where they are.  Address the need and build stronger disciples


    Through relationship building, establish a base of individuals who can be called upon to fulfill a need

    LIFE (Living In Favor of Emanuel) Events

    Fellowship events to affirm the importance of our relationship as brothers and sisters in Christ

    Ministry Development 

    Develop and implement kingdom focused strategies to build Christ centered outcomes