A Word for the week

Genesis 3


We are all familiar with the story of Eve and the serpent tempting her in the garden of Eden to eat the forbidden fruit. Many times we hear people blaming her for their troubles in life. While she is the reason for some things we experience like labor pain, I want us to take our focus off Eve for just a moment to take a look at ourselves. 


It didn’t take much persuasion from the serpent to get Eve to go against God’s will for her life and I’m sure if it were us in that garden the same would’ve been true. I know, I heard what you just said… “NOT ME. I WOULD’VE DONE THE RIGHT THING.” I understand where you’re coming from but look at how easy it is for us even today to be disobedient. 


We are now on the other side of this story and have been given several other examples of what happens when we go against God’s word. We’ve even been given commandments to follow and we also have our own experiences. Guess what we have in common with Eve... WE ARE STILL EATING FORBIDDEN FRUIT!! Lying, gossiping, gambling, overeating, overspending, not tithing, not witnessing, being lazy, fornicating, adultery, idolatry, I can’t list them all, but each one of us knows what our forbidden fruit is to which we sometimes fall victim. 


Our discipline for doing the right thing sometimes takes a back seat to our temptations, because contrary to popular belief, we are humans who get weak, and we will mess up. Imagine what this world would be if we all focused on our own issues and worked a little harder to fix ourselves rather than pointing the finger at Eve and others. It won’t be easy, but remember that God is with us and when we fall He will pick us up and help us get back on track. It’s time for us to throw away our forbidden fruit and put on the fruit of the Spirit. 


-Jewel Vasser